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Christ says, If He is lifted He will draw all men unto Himself.


Self works overtime in the Lord’s field nurturing wild weeds and tares,

Choosing who is worthy of being drawn to Christ when His blood was shed for all,

The small, the great and the Tall,

All have a spot at the foot of the cross,

Our work is only to lift Him up.

Let His name be exalted,

Let self be dethroned,

Let your heart be remodeled according to His will.

We need the Holy Spirit to fuel our inspirations because He is the One who inspires us with Divine aspirations,

 For the word says: It is God who worketh in us to will, to do, to choose.

 So choose to be humble, there is nothing to lose, only shackles of sin and chains of addiction and in addition, there is a heaven to win.

There is an eternity to gain, that moments of pleasure can never replace.

There are angels to judge, there are souls to be won, and it’s not our winning, no-no.

It is Christ’s winning because He is the one who gave out the bidding, The great commission.

He gives us the instructions and conditions which are to be fulfilled without omission.

The fields are white but the laborers are black, dark, dirty, drowning in the pool of deceit,

Ever making excuses for defeat.

“Siwa sivuka”, we say ( we rise and fall )

I wonder why we allow the old man to resurrect and fight battles that are not His.

We are a chosen nation

We are to walk and work according to a peculiar fashion.

Look, you are the apple of His eye,

He never sleeps, doesn’t blink because He never wants you out of His sight,

But you, Oh Israel, have bewitched Edom with your lentil stew.

Dishing out to the world messages that make mention of Christ but have no reverence for His Holiness.

Israel, learn to walk in lowliness,

Treasure a meek spirit, take pleasure in consistent faithfulness.

There is a world to heal, the serpent’s head has been crushed stop giving Him your heels.

Giving Him nails in your heart to hang the carcasses of temptation from your dead past.

You have been adopted and renamed,

The prodigal has been reclaimed

You are now an heir

In Christ’s sufferings, you are called to share.

Live in the reality that we live in a broken world in need of repair

And stop building sandcastles in mid-air.

Israel, why do we let Christ’s sheep drown in despair when we carry the compass, the map that leads to the throne room of the porter

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