The Hope

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He who looked into my situation and said, “child be still I’ll pay the bill”.

He came down to pay the price and made the cross His till.

He healed my soul,medicated my mind,his blood is my pill.

It was His initiative, It never has been mine. 

I didn’t have to appeal, no negotiation, no deal.

Just His love chasing me down to secure my soul for eternity 

I’m forever grateful for without him I don’t know what I could have been.

He made a propitiation for my sin I didn’t know I needed.

To save ignorant me, he bore all that shame and endured all the ridicule.

He “robbed” himself of the glory to clothe me with His righteousness.

To save a wreck like me without much to salvage.

Of this love that continually stretches the bounds of my imagination I will be forever reminded.

Reminded of how time and space were able to contain the being of continuous existence.

He who said, “child be still, I’ll foot the bill”.

The serpent’s head I have crushed,so don’t worry about your heels

Because on that hill I settled it all.

I have loved you”, He said.

Even when you did not see your value,

I made you to belong to me

Bought to belong to me

Made you anew to belong to me

You just have belong to me so I can set you free.

On my ways I have been travelling,

Never paying heed to the heart I was breaking.

I was depriving myself of an indulgence in this pure love,

Depriving Him the pleasure of showering me with His Divine presence

But thank God for God on earth I have been redeemed.

I now walk in the light of the truth, in the joy of salvation and the hope of an eternity with,


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